Bonfire + Leyenda – Madrid – English Version

20191008_102408.jpgUnrivalled heavy metal night, with Leyenda opening at Cool in a very promising night; with an almost British punctuallity, they arrived on the scene directly with  “Vuelve al Hogar”. No hawaian T-Shirts for tonight, what a pity XD.  Mr. Oscuro is followed by  “Alma Errante”  which is introduced as an advance as single from Cibernética. But just before arriving “Torre de Marfil” Antonio (voice, guitar and frontman) says that is a pleasure for the group to be touring alongside with Bonfire, and predicts that we are going to enjoy a great concert as Germans are great musicians. We can delight on Diego Borealis´ solo, who shows himself as a real virtuous guitar player, just before “Esmeralda”. But Leyenda has not played all his cards yet, and they show us that the best is yet to come, and they display all their best with “Bienvenido al Paraiso” and  “Cuando toque luchar”.  Unfortunatelly, all good must come to an end, and so we reach the end of this beautifull performance by Leyenda, by the hand of “Desierto de Hielo” where Antonio invites us all to sing with him the choruses. 
 Great performance from Leyenda at stage, and we regret that the audience has remained in such a cool attitude all the time, as it was not in Leyenda´s hands, who have given all their best to heat the place. We have always said that is very risky mixing such different styles, as the fans from one side do not connect with the other; and therefore, that should not devalue one in the place of the other. We will always say that we missed… Ciiiibernética!!!!


IMG-20191008-WA0028And we were talking about different styles when Bonfire  arrived. They come out powerfully with  “Temple of Lies”. With such a pure classic heavy metal style, and sound also from the 80´s, people keep singing each and every song, with their music that seems to fill all over the concert hall. It seems to me that it materialise and fills every corner of it. Furthermore, Alexx Stahl voice has such a characteristic tone, and is so powerfull, with a presence (all of us cannot deny that without looking posers), that fascinates everybody. But just before reaching the third song he ask the audience which one of us should work on the next day (almost everybody, and so we whisper silently), therefore, he keeps saying the wanted to start soon, to avoid finishing late at night, but that we won´t leave without our Rock n´Roll dose, and so we reach  “Don’t touch the light”. It is becoming an habit for me listening to Louis Armstrong everywhere, this time he comes as an off voice, but  we could not give  “Under Blue Skies” away. At this time, Alexx talk us about the tour, and that this is gonna be their last concert in our country, but that we are very greatful and proud about having played in Spain. And followed by a very powerful high scream we reach  “Praying For a Miracle” after saying that this is a song of which they are really proud of. Songs keep going in the setlist in a concert that is become epic every second  and where riffs are really powerfull. Revolutions and classic heavy metal are side to side. If we talked previously about  Diego Borealis´skillness, we cannot say less about their lead guitar, as  Hans Ziller leave us breathless many times. The best is indeed when we can see both leads playing a guitar battle, Hans and Frank Pane are simply amazing with the guitars, and each of them displays a very accurate technique. But, not everything in life is skillness, and we also had time for jokes and good time, and so came the moment where we could listen to the beggining of “Where not Gonna Take It” most renowned in spanish as “huevos con aceite… y limón) by Twisted Sister, or Maiden among others, to finally reaching a beautiful version of  “Burning Heart” by Survivor. We are really pleased and surprised to hear that they will release a new album on April 2020. At this point of the night and with the focuses that so many heat produce on musicians, it´s  André Hilgers (drums) to ask in a perfect spanish  “una cerveza por favor”, that is automatically changed for “dos cervezas por favor” at Alexx complainings. It is amazing how germans keep loving spanish expresions such as “de puta madre” it always makes fun at us. And after the beer, the played con tres cojones”… literally.  It was a great night where we could see two great groups on stage, and we  left with batteries loaded for the whole next week. Setlist de Bonfire:

  • Temple of Lies.
  • Don´t Touch The Ligth
  • Under Blue Skies.
  • Praying For a Miracle.
  • Give it a Try
  • Hard on Me.
  • Sword and Stone.
  • Stand or Fall
  • Burning Heart.
  • American Nights.
  • Tonús Roulette
  • Sweet OBsession.
  • Ready For Reaction.
  • You Make Me Feel.
  • Champion

FOTOS: Metalrockgirl18


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